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List of exceptionally well performing brands which have their origin in Kanpur

10 Famous Brands from Kanpur You Never Knew

Kanpur, one of the biggest industrialized cities in India homes thousands of companies, which include small and big both. But did you know that Kanpur has given birth to few highly popular brands in India? We bet you never knew that these brands have their origin from Kanpur. Let us roll our eyes through these brands:


A super successful detergent brand, we all know has a story, which is struggling. It was not easy for Ghari to make its mark in the detergent market when there were already biggies like Surf and Nirma. It took almost 25 years for the brand to prove its virtue, and now is a business of more than 5000 crore.

Red Chief

Red Chief is a well- known name in the leather fashion industry, which took its birth in 1977 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The company owns tannery and five manufacturing plants. It’s a complete store for high end men’s fashion, which include apparel, accessories other than footwear.

Red Tape

A Hi-fashion brand, endorsed in the past by Salman Khan; Red Tape is the most demanding and exclusive fashion & lifestyle brand. Having its origin in Kanpur, the brand has its global presence across major countries in the world like UK, US, France, Germany, South Africa and West Asia.

Allen Cooper

Allen Cooper is a flagship brand of Superhouse, a multinational conglomerate. It is known for its high quality leather products like leather footwear, belts, bags, trolley bags, portfolio bags. Allen Cooper offers fashion as well as utility products.


A long- serving and proficient clothing brand integrated in 1925. Raymond is a huge company that produces 31 million meters of wool and wool blended fabrics. The company has its 700 retail stores in India and 200 across overseas.

Canary London

Another Men’s fashion brand, which has its origin from Kanpur was founded in the year 2007. Canary London has an expertise in producing premium range of shirts, suits, denims, trousers, blazers and suits etc. The company has a strong online presence as well as is present in several cities in India.


We all grew up writing with Rotomac pens during our school and college days. The inception of Rotomac turned up in the year 1992 in Kanpur. The company was objected to provide best quality writing instruments.

JK Group

JK Group is a conspicuous corporate firm, which has a legacy of 125 years. The foundation of the company was laid initially in Kanpur but has its manufacturing operations overseas. The prominent brands of JK Group are JK Cement, JK Tyre, JK Paper Ltd, JK Fenner, JK Dairy, JK Seeds and many more.

Mohini Chai

Favorite name for all the chai lovers, Mohini Chai is a pioneer in the tea industry, which produces 7 billion cups of tea in a year. The tea brand was inceptedin the year 1992 in Kanpur. Along with Kanpur, the brands has its presence in Delhi, Bihar, Haryana, Punjab, MP, Jammu, Himanchal.

Namaste India

Namaste is a sister firm of 3500 crore RSPL Ltd. The dairy brand is located at Shivrajpur, 31kms away from Kanpur. The company aims to reach to every village, every city and every house by producing 4 lakh liters of milk per day.

These were one of the most esteemed brands of India that have their homes in Kanpur. If you know other brands than above mentioned ones, let us know in the comment section below.

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