Cheerful Greetings from the team Kanpuriyas!, is a brainchild of Ankit Sharma and Shaurya Vardhan Singh. They being Kanpuriyas themselves wanted to let the world know about the historically significant city, Kanpur.

Kanpur has always been an underrated city, because it never got the exposure and limelight it should get. The people who have never seen Kanpur, mostly synonym it with Kamla Pasand, as they have always heard it that ways. We at text) want to broaden up the idea of what Kanpur actually is. It is much more than Kamla Pasand.

Kanpur holds an immense talent within itself that people are still unaware of. Through our portal we want to spread the uniqueness, the city holds within itself. Trust us, the journey is going to be really thrilling as we will be introducing you to the world of Kanpur, which is still unknown.

The delicacies you will find here will bound you to come here again just to experience them. You must have heard a lot about Lucknawi and Hyderabadi biryani, because they have been a huge highlight since the time of Nawabs. But if biryani is your bae, you should definitely visit Kanpur especially for it and we bet you that you will be able to feel the difference comparing to the biryani of other famous cities.

Though our preferred modes of transportation here are tempos and cycle rickshaws, we are ready to welcome the metro as well.

Talking about our historic significance, you will realize it yourself after witnessing the magnificent monuments, which are a manifestation of India’s modern and ancient history.

Besides our traditional lifestyle, we are no less when it comes to youth enjoyment. With the changing time, Kanpur has offered awesome cafes and pubs to all its citizens, who are a party animal.

The most interesting fact about the city is, the malls here just don’t sell international brands, it has its own flourishing brands too, which have earned a name not just domestically but globally also.

No wonders, several movies and T.V shows are heading towards Kanpur to narrate and convey their stories in a more rich and desi style.

So, with so much to offer and share, we have our Facebook and Instagram pages along with our newly launched website.